The Prairie

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Let’s be real for a minute. If you know horses, then you are no stranger to the prairie. In fact, there is no way that you could be considered a stranger. For a lot of you, the prairie is home.


There’s something awfully familiar and comforting about the prairie. Maybe it is the flatness. With no mountains or forests to obstruct your view, it seems like you can see for ever and ever. One of my favorite things to do growing up was to see the storms come rolling in over the prairie. I would see the clouds in the distance and know exactly what to expect in the future. Sometimes I would ride my horse out to a small hill and use it as a vantage point. There, I would be able to see for miles and miles. It was a powerful feeling being able to look over everything. In some ways, I felt like God.

The weather

But when the storms rolled in, I knew that I definitely wasn’t. These prairie storms were like no other. Lightning would crack down and the thunder would rumble. The rains would be hard and strong. We had to be careful where we traveled because we knew that the road could be washed out from flooding.

Perhaps the scariest moments were when the tornadoes hit. You could feel that there was something wrong in the air. All of the horses would be restless. And then, in a sickly green sky, you would see a funnel cloud coming down, ready to strike.

Montana: A Land for Horses

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The notion of a cowboy is a very popular one in American lore. Everyone seems to root for the lone cowboy with his horse who is defending the land against cattle rustlers and other kinds of villains. However, have you ever wondered where exactly in the United States is there land that resembles that of old western movies? While places like Texas are definitely areas that come to mind, there are other lands that exist that are perfect for being a cowboy. In fact, a true cowboy would be home in a lot of places in the West. One of those places is the wild and rugged state of Montana. This state boasts a variety of topography. Additionally, its very rural setting provides the perfect place to own and care for horses. Read on to find out more about this great state!


Land on land

One of the great things about Montana is how open it is. There are few people that live up in Montana; however, the amount of land available is quite expansive. As a result, there is plenty of space for you to start a ranch and raise a horse. Land is also relatively inexpensive in that part of the country. You’ll have no problem purchasing a nice tract of land on which to keep your horses. The other thing that is advantageous about the land is that it is (for the most part) very rolling. The eastern part of the state is actually quite flat. So, your horses will be able to run free.

Getting Started

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Since the dawn of time, man’s best friend was not the dog. It was the horse. Okay, that might be pushing it. But the horse was definitely man’s greatest asset. This is because through almost every civilization, horses were a staple in every kind of industry. If you were looking at the agricultural industry in the early times of the United States, horses were transporting the goods from the farm to the marketplace. If you’re thinking about transportation in medieval Europe, people were either traveling by foot or taking a horse.

Even in other non-white cultures, horses were still extremely important. For example, the Mongols traveled with pace under the rule of Genghis Khan. They made their way across the Steppes into eastern Europe on horses! Similarly, the Ottoman Turks also used horses in combat and defense.

Even outside of industry and work, the horse has proven to be an incredible animal. For example, many people view horses as a form of discipline and sport. Horse racing has been a sport for a very long time (just watch the movie Hidalgo). Nowadays, the Kentucky Derby and a host of other races are still very popular and are covered on major sports broadcasting services. People even teach horses to do tricks and put them in shows!

The value of the horse has not diminished in our modern day. While we don’t necessarily use them for labor or large scale transportation, we still admire their strength and intelligence. These are highly evolved creatures, and we all can recognize that.