Why I Hate the Country Side

Today I have a confession to make, I hate living in the countryside and I do not think that anyone or any experience will help me change my attitude towards the country side. Here are my personal reasons why I hate this sides of the country and probably why you too should consider joining me. But before I proceed, I would like to state categorically that the main intention of this post is to give you insights nothing more.


Number 1 Reason: Lack of Social Amenities

Most of the countrysides have little or no social amenities such as fast internet, shopping malls, and the list continues. Before you start throwing stones to me, let me state that not all countrysides lack these amenities, but most of them do not have them. Hence, if you intend to travel, make sure that you inquire about availability of these amenities to make the necessary plans. You obviously do not want to reach your destination only to find that you cannot even charge your phone or even communicate with people through social media.

Number 2 Reason: Anti-Social Environment

Most of the people have relocated to the urban areas due to lack of enough job opportunities to meet their daily requirements. As a result, the countryside is a boring place to live in as you will not have anyone to talk to apart from your family members if you are lucky. Getting used to such an environment can have a negative impact on your personal wellness.


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