Tips for Managing Grassland

If you have a horse ranch, you definitely know the essence of taking good care of your grassland in order to promote growth and well being of your horses. Today, I will not bore you with the conventional information about horses and all that, instead, I will give you tips on how to manage a grassland commonly known as a prairie in some parts of the world.

Adding Fertilizers

The grass needs to be in perfect condition for it to meet your horses dietary needs on a daily basis. Overtime, the land is depleted its nutrients and so it is highly important that you replenish it by adding fertilizers. However, you need to be very very cautious about the fertilizers that you use, as some can lead to soil and water contamination. If your horses take contaminated water, they are most likely going to suffer from various health complications such as cancers.



During the hot weather conditions or seasons, water evaporates from the soil at a rapid rate and this leaves the grass with little or no water to grow. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to ensure that your grassland always has enough water to support the growth of all the grass species that you planted. You can actually mix the fertilizers with the water to kill one bird with one stone. However, the two have to be miscible, others, you will end up with uneven results.

Finally, weed it regularly to get rid unwanted plants.


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