Montana: A Land for Horses



The notion of a cowboy is a very popular one in American lore. Everyone seems to root for the lone cowboy with his horse who is defending the land against cattle rustlers and other kinds of villains. However, have you ever wondered where exactly in the United States is there land that resembles that of old western movies? While places like Texas are definitely areas that come to mind, there are other lands that exist that are perfect for being a cowboy. In fact, a true cowboy would be home in a lot of places in the West. One of those places is the wild and rugged state of Montana. This state boasts a variety of topography. Additionally, its very rural setting provides the perfect place to own and care for horses. Read on to find out more about this great state!


Land on land

One of the great things about Montana is how open it is. There are few people that live up in Montana; however, the amount of land available is quite expansive. As a result, there is plenty of space for you to start a ranch and raise a horse. Land is also relatively inexpensive in that part of the country. You’ll have no problem purchasing a nice tract of land on which to keep your horses. The other thing that is advantageous about the land is that it is (for the most part) very rolling. The eastern part of the state is actually quite flat. So, your horses will be able to run free.

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